Living With Living Volcanos

by Diana
(Denver, Colorado, USA)

In the news, I've heard Tungurahua volcano is erupting. Since there are around 14 active (on again and off again) volcanos in Ecuador, how is Cuenca being affected by the current activity along with the activity from these mighty neighbors in the past?

Has Cuenca ever had to be evacuated because of a volcano eruption or had ill effects from one? I have my tickets for a visit in November, so of course, I'm concerned...


Hi Diana.

There's nothing to be concerned about here. The nearest volcano is probably 100 km from here, as the condor flies.

And there aren't any directly upwind of Cuenca, so we don't have any of the dust/ash issues that sometimes plague Guayaquil and Quito.


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Very Concerned About the Active Volcano
by: Ray smith

I plan to stay in Quito from September 3 until September 6, flying that day to Cuenca. I am very concerned about staying in Quito and my trip inside Ecuador. I've already paid for my trip and hotels in Quito and Cuenca.

Any suggestions?




Hi Ray.

Tungurahua is nowhere near Quito or Cuenca. And the planes will either be flying above the ash cloud or around it.

You don't have anything to worry about that volcano.

Cuenca has no volcanoes at all. And the ones in Quito haven't done anything for years no.


Living with Volcanos
by: Diana, Denver

Thank you Jeff for your answer on living with volcanos.

That puts my mind at ease. As long as the planes can get me there, I am really looking forward to my vacation in November. Thanks to your website, I already have things on my list of places to visit and things to do. I'm even learning some basic Spanish before I come.

Gracias, Diana

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I just want to thank you both soooo much for creating this web site. I am originally from Cuenca but moved to New York 11 years ago and have not being back since. My husband and I are planning on visiting Cuenca over the Summer and this web site has helped me a lot.

When I came to the US we still had the "sucre," the bus ride cost 1,000 sucres and a pack of trident gum would cost 3,000 sucres. I am very nervous to go back, but thanks to your web site I now know what to expect.

My husband is American and Captivating Cuenca has taught him a lot about what my great city has to offer, things that I had forgotten about myself! :)

Thank You both so much! I cannot wait to visit Cuenca!!

Sofia Hoffman