Exporta Facil Ecuador

by Lynn Dickerson
(Grove, OK)

I have heard that Exporta Fácil is connected in some way with
Club Correos. I am trying to find an English language website on
Exporta Fácil as I would like to ship pottery back to the states
after a trip to Cuenca in April.

I have been told that this a much more economical way of shipping, then trying to bring it home on the plane.

Any one out there got some information they would share??



Hi Lynn.

I just looked at their site. EF is not associated with Club Correos. It's a government agency. And it deals with Correos del Ecuador, the mail service here. (Not to be confused with Club Correos, which is a private company located in Miami.)

I'll be very surprised if you'll find anyone outside of the program and the post office who's familiar with it.

Depending on how long you'll be here, I recommend finding someone who can interpret for you, and then go together to the post office here to enquire about EF and what you need to do.

If you're going to be here for less than two weeks, I don't think you'll be able to get everything done. But they might surprise me.


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I just want to thank you both soooo much for creating this web site. I am originally from Cuenca but moved to New York 11 years ago and have not being back since. My husband and I are planning on visiting Cuenca over the Summer and this web site has helped me a lot.

When I came to the US we still had the "sucre," the bus ride cost 1,000 sucres and a pack of trident gum would cost 3,000 sucres. I am very nervous to go back, but thanks to your web site I now know what to expect.

My husband is American and Captivating Cuenca has taught him a lot about what my great city has to offer, things that I had forgotten about myself! :)

Thank You both so much! I cannot wait to visit Cuenca!!

Sofia Hoffman