Casa de la Cultura

Casa de la Cultura
Art for All Cuencanos

Casa de la Cultura wall art
Wall art at Casa de la Cultura

Casa de la Cultura's Salón del Pueblo is another bastion of fine art, both modern and historical, in Cuenca.

The city established the museum 30 years ago, in an era when art and culture were only for the elite.

It breaks all these restrictions now, seeking to restore art and knowledge as part of the human condition.

You'll always find something to appeal to you here, especially if you enjoy art by new artists (see below for details about this).

What You'll Find

Casa de la Cultura niches
Niches on a Casa de la Cultura wall

Casa de la Cultura houses a core gallery of art about religious mysticism, and shows that change on a frequent basis.

It also offers exhibits of native artifacts. There are more than 3,000 craft pieces from different countries. They're some of the most outstanding ones from Ecuador, Colombia, Perú, Guatemala and México.

You'll find many small sculptures of priests, nuns and other religious officials in niches lining one wall (the image on the left).

In another hall you can view modern art, especially paintings and sculptures. Much of this is from new Ecuadorian artists.

Casa de la Cultura has a policy of promoting artists who are just starting out in the field of art.

The Museum and the Community

Casa de la Cultura sculptures
Casa de la Cultura sculptures

The museum develops educational programs designed to stimulate creativity in children and young people.

It seeks to generate a link between the museum and education groups, making them participants in activities that create a vital and growing art community in Cuenca and the region.

An example of works coming from new artists are the metal and wood sculptures seen on the right. Displayed without the artist's name, this collection, called Mistic Ritual, includes "Angeles 1-3" (seen on the right), "Mural Deidades 1-3" and several others.

Location and Hours

Casa de la Cultura (Salón del Pueblo) is located at the corner of Sucre and Benigno Malo (across the street from the side of the main cathedral on Parque Calderón. (Note that the location on the map above is slightly off. The museum is right at the corner just to the right of the pointer.)

Hours are Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Check the schedule often for the latest show.

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Casa de la Cultura

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I just want to thank you both soooo much for creating this web site. I am originally from Cuenca but moved to New York 11 years ago and have not being back since. My husband and I are planning on visiting Cuenca over the Summer and this web site has helped me a lot.

When I came to the US we still had the "sucre," the bus ride cost 1,000 sucres and a pack of trident gum would cost 3,000 sucres. I am very nervous to go back, but thanks to your web site I now know what to expect.

My husband is American and Captivating Cuenca has taught him a lot about what my great city has to offer, things that I had forgotten about myself! :)

Thank You both so much! I cannot wait to visit Cuenca!!

Sofia Hoffman